Flower Pots

Flower pots are essential for anyone wanting to grow plants or flowers away from the ground. They have many uses, from planting flower seeds to anchoring shrubs and vines. Chosen with care, they will last many years while performing the assigned task. Before you can learn how to pot plants, you need to know what type of containers are available.

Flower Pots

Flower Pots

Flower pots are made from many different materials, each having different strengths and weaknesses. For example, plastic pots offer value for money, but become brittle over time because of exposure to sunlight and weather. Stylish traditional clay pots are heavier and more costly, but will break if dropped; water evaporates more quickly through clay, so plants need more care and attention. Other types, such as concrete and cast-iron, have their particular uses outside or inside homes.

Always employ the correct size and variety of flower pots according to your need. Biodegradable cups are ideal for pricking out seedlings, while elegant Japanese ceramic containers make the perfect accessory for bonsai trees. If a pot is too small for its plant, there is a risk of toppling over. Avoid this by moving the plants to larger receptacles; this technique is known as repotting, or potting-on. However, if the new pot is too big, the plant will channel all its energy into root growth, instead of flowers and foliage.

Follow basic guidelines for choosing flower pots. Plants requiring good drainage must have enough holes in the pot to allow the water to flow out. Natural materials look better after aging, as they take on a pleasing patina. Beware of poorly made products; they may shatter in frosty conditions or in very hot sunshine.

Garden pots perform a heavier duty than a typical indoor plant pot. Well-placed potted plants or shrubs in a driveway will look elegant, but must stand up to the bumps and scratches of cars, bicycles and umbrellas. Indoor flower pots, by contrast, only need occasional dusting and watering to remain in top condition.

Succumbing to scratches, breakage, or simply becoming too small for growing plants, all pots eventually need replacing. By following your common sense and knowledge of flower pots, you can be confident of buying the right product for your needs.

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