How to Pot Plants

People who want to brighten up their homes and gardens with flowers and plants in pots will first need to know how to pot plants. Luckily, learning exactly how to pot plants is simple, and what follows is a brief overview to get you started.

How to Pot Plants

How to Pot Plants

The first step of the road to success regarding how to pot plants is selecting clean flower pots. If you do choose to use old garden pots, you must make sure that you remove all of the old soil from inside. If you are using brand new clay pots, make sure you soak them in water for around a week before starting and then dry it thoroughly. If the clay pots have not been soaked, they will draw the moisture they need from you potted plants, making it harder for them to grow properly.

One common mistake made by notice gardeners is to choose a pot that is too large for the plant. This often leads to over watering, which can cause your beloved plant to expire before its time. Most plants need to be found by their pot in order to flourish. Plants that have been potted in a container that is too large often have trouble growing larger and producing flowers.

In addition to knowing how to pot plants, you will also need to know how to decide on the best time for potting. This largely depends on the type of plants that you want to pot, and potting is best done shortly after the plant has begun to grow. Of course, this varies a little between varieties the optimum time is usually between March and May.

Generally speaking, it is best to avoid potting plants during the winter, as this is the time of year when the roots will be resting. While there are really no hard and fast rules regarding the correct season, it is worth doing a little research on your variety of plant before you get started. As with so much in life, timing is everything.

So, the main secrets to success are picking a clean thoroughly soaked pot, choosing the right size and, last but not least, timing. Now that you know how to pot plants, you are ready to select some flower seeds and get cracking.

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